It Takes A Village



By Cerise Vasquez Wright

It Takes a Village is an African proverb whose basic meaning is that it takes the effort of an entire community to raise a child. Anyone who has experienced parenthood, is a big brother or sister, has a nephew or niece understands the gravity of “It takes a village”. Without the help of extended family, friends or other support systems many children suffer irreversible damages. It takes a village to give a child the support it needs to become an independent, fully functioning and productive citizen of the world. We, at G2B, are that familial bastion for the 55+ girls we support in Kolkata India. For many of these girls, especially those that have been orphaned, we are their sole lifelines. Having that kind of responsibility can feel like a lot of pressure but it can also be very inspiring.

Economic Empowerment of Women: The Basics

Girl2B was founded because of a void. Our main goal is for the economic empowerment of women through education, training, housing and the support services that we directly provide for our girls. In India there is a systematic and cultural error in how females are perceived and undervalued. The prevalence of rape and arranged child marriages reflect this unfortunate belief system. Girl2B believes that through the economic empowerment of women a total shift in societal ideals can be shaped. It takes a village to raise a child and without this support, community efforts fall short. For this reason, we are so thankful for our supporters that, like us, understand that every little bit counts especially when supporting the economic empowerment of women.

Fashion and Charity: Vince. Supports

Vince is a purveyor of chic clothing and accessories for men and women. Fashion and charity go hand and hand for this high-end fashion brand. The Vince store in Greenwich, CT hosted a fashion and charity event benefiting the G2B foundation last month. We are so thankful to partner with the maker of timeless styles worn by celebrities such as Olivia Palermo and Beyonce. It’s partnerships like this one, a fashion for charity event, that exemplify the age old “it takes a village” proverb.

Thank you Vince. for understanding that only through the economic empowerment of women, can an entire community move forward. Thank you for supporting our girls!



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