Educate a Girl and Everyone is Happy


Girl2B has been educating girls in India, Kolkata specifically, for almost 4 years! We are a very small organization that takes pride in how connected we are to the day-to-day life of the girls in our program.  We have big dreams and big hearts.  People ask all the time, how can I help?  Of course giving the gift of education comes down raising funds.  But raising funds comes in different forms and that is why I am writing today.

A friend that I have not seen in years donated her talent, which was then auctioned off and resulted in 5 girls being fully supported for over two months.

These girls live in a child protection home funded by Girl2B.  They go to English medium school, they have a roof over their head, food, clothing, medical support, psychological sport, sports and numerous activities.  Without our support they would most likely be living on the street, not going to school and be involved in some sort of child labor, married at a young age and this – is if they are one of the lucky ones.


Living on a busy street outside a bus station is no place to live, I know that, but … it is definitely not a place for a 12- year-old girl.  Yes I said 12!  It is a vulnerable age for many reasons.

So many parents living in poverty go through many stressful thoughts related to their daughter/s.  What goes through their minds you might ask?  Do they need to go to school when they can help work in our tea stand and help make money for the family?  How will we have enough money to marry her?  At 12…. she is becoming of age and the pressures are present and strong.  We will have to find a husband…. but we can’t afford it.  How do we keep her safe all day and keep the preators away.  How do I feed her, keep her healthy.  Or…. the parents are completely confused and can easily be convinced to sell their young daughters.  Quite honestly most feel…..if only she was a boy.


We visit the homes of our girls on a regular basis.  Proving extended family support is important when a young girl is in our care. We talk with the parents; explain the importance of education and the power of a GIRL.  The mother’s are invited to the Girl2B home once a month, we serve lunch, sometimes we call in on Skype (all the way form NY). We take the future of the girls seriously and we take the nervous concerns of the mom’s seriously too.

DSC_3207When we connect with a parent and they trust Girl2B and realize that the best thing for their daughter is an education, everyone is HAPPY!

If you like what we do and you want to give the gift of education you can donate here.

Gift of Education

If you want to donate your talent, you have idea or just don’t know how to educate girls in India, we can help – contact us here

Thank you for your continued support!

I do believe: Educate a Girl and Change the World







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