Empowering Young Women – My struggle, My pride, My future


Written by Seema Banik, High School Graduate and Girl2B intern, Kolkata India.  (edited by Cerise Vasquez Wright, Girl2B advocate)

My biggest struggle

Without the help of a philanthropic organization like Girl2B that empowers young women like myself, I wouldn’t be writing this today. After 10 years of studying at a local hostel, I had to leave due to funding difficulties. Luckily, someone in my town told me about the Girl2B home where there are girls, just like me, struggling to make it. Most of us have no family to help or our families are too poor to provide for us. Girl2B is an organization based in NY,  whose sole purpose is empowering young women to better themselves through education and other support services, right here in Kolkata. I got the courage to go and see for myself, what the Girl2B home was all about. I am so happy that I did because I got a second chance to study again with the help of Girl2B. Girl2B is one of several small but mighty organizations making a difference each day.

Charities With A Focus On Empowering Young Women

Girl2B supported me after other organizations like my previous hostel couldn’t support my studies anymore. They helped me finish my high school studies. After completion, I got the chance to participate in an internship in the Girl2B home. Organizations like Girl2B are very necessary where I am from because unwanted girls are often left to fend for themselves alone in the world. Working in the Girl2B home was fun but also challenging. Many of the girls there come from broken homes like me. I can tell that they are grateful for their opportunity but they can sometimes get emotional or overwhelmed. Some girls are still immature and don’t like to do their schoolwork. Empowering young women from broken homes can be demanding. I always tried to encourage them to do their best and try to be better. The Girl2B girls are so happy that they have sports like, karate, soccer, yoga and even art. On Saturdays and Sundays they are occupied taking their classes.

Philanthropic Education Organization Helps My Sense Of Pride

Girl2B gives me a sense of pride. I really feel satisfaction working and helping the girls from the same background from where I came from. I never thought that I would be interested in counseling young girls. Frankly, I didn’t really think that I could teach or help anyone. I like to try to support them and make them understand the importance of education and never make mistakes which will spoil their careers. So, for that we really need to do something to improve our background and get a good job. I have learned a lot about myself these past two months while working at Girl2B. I have learned many things for this I’m really very grateful to Alfonso, Christine and to the other members for offering this opportunity to me.  

looking to the future

Girl2B and other similar philanthropic organizations are very important for girls like us because it is the root of inspiration from where we make our own future. It’s only with help from supporters like the Girl2B family that people like me can grow and become independent, by this we come to understand justice, woman’s power, a woman’s right to thrive and live independently. For me, I can now see myself working in a big company or even in a high position in this very organization. A very big THANK YOU to all our sponsors for supporting our life and hope more and more girls get the chance to join here. We will really do our best and give u the good result. By Seema Banik


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