More Homework – read “Sold”

Hello Again,

I recently read the book SOLD by Patricia McCormick.  It was given to me by a friend and as usual with my latest choice of books, it reminded me why we do what we do at Girl2B. I could not put it down, until I was finished!

So now what?  I read another book on the terrible atrocities girls face in the developing world.  I wondered if there was any way we could work faster and harder to be able to help more girls.  Then I decided to stop wondering, focus, and continue on the path we are on. It will  eventually lead us to helping more girls, reversing the cycle of poverty, and creating GIRL heroes in Kolkata.

So, I got back to work – and I thought I would just share the statistics below.

When working with Girls in an area such as Kolkata, it is inevitable that you will ultimately land on the topic of sex trafficking, slavery, and prostitution.

Girls born into the most impoverished areas of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and many parts of Asia are ultimately at risk as soon as they are born.

In India alone, 2.5 million women and children are working in the sex industry.

Sonagachi (translated as Golden tree) is the largest red-light district in Kolkata, India and one of the largest in Asia. It is an area with hundreds of brothels and an estimated 11,000 sex workers.  Normally workers are smuggled into the country from Nepal and Bangladesh.  Sex can be bought here for less than 50 cents.

According to Nick Kristof, OP-ED columnist for the NY times & author of Half the Sky –  India most likely has more modern day slaves than any country in the world.

Unicef has estimated that worldwide 1.8 million children enter into the sex trade each year.

In India, 90% of the sex worker’s daughters follow in their mother’s footsteps, because they have no other choice.

Economic empowerment is the key to reversing the cycle of poverty, violence, and oppression of women.  Women, who are educated and have money, will invest twice as much in their family’s education and well being,  thus reversing the cycle of poverty.

Girl2B focuses on education, health, and safety.  Ultimately helping girls to learn, to live, and to grow.  Girl2B is in it’s infancy.  We started with 4 girls in November 2011 and today we have 24.  The Girls2B upon graduation and obtaining a job and safe place to live will help us combat the terrible injustices they face on a daily basis thanks to people like you.




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