Thank You Sophia!

Our very dear friend Sophia came with us to visit the girls in Kolkata in 2009.  It was the first time she was ever in India, and together we made a very special Thanksgiving trip that we will remember forever.  The reason I am writing about Sophia today is to share with the world what a kind, beautiful, and generous person she is.  Sophia recently hosted a fundraiser for Girl2B in her home.  She invited 30 friends to come and meet us, and to hear about the Girl2B!

Everyone wanted to know… what was it about these girls in Kolkata that touched her heart so much?  Why hasn’t Sophia stopped talking about India by now?  Who were these friends of hers that launched this foundation?

The evening was more than we could have expected.  A warm, intimate group that was eager to learn and very compassionate & understanding of the work we do.

How did it turn out?  We raised enough money to sponsor 1 girl for a full year and 2 people how have committed to a yearly sponsorship of one girl each!

In addition another friend came forward to host the next party!

This is what Girl2B is all about and this is what Sophia has helped us to achieve.  To spread the word, raise awareness, and help the cause…. Helping girls TO LEARN , TO LIVE, TO GROW!!!

I am saying thank you Sophia, on behalf of all the girls in Girl2B



Here are other photos from the party

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