and 4 became 22

The past 6 months have been quite a journey and I feel it is only fair to share with all of you the exciting new accomplishments and strides we are making here at Girl2B.

My husband and I have worked in the fashion industry for more than 20 years now.  Our second job and passion – founding and running our non-profit called Girl2B, started out of the love in our hearts for a group of young girls living in Kolkata.  A group that somehow became our daughters overnight.

In November 2011, we travelled to Kolkata because 4 girls came to us asking for help as the foundation/home they were living in started to flounder, and they needed to move on.

When we arrived, we formed a partnership with the Hope foundation.  Hope was going to help us, help the girls! After proper evaluation and professional counseling, we all agreed to put them back on track to graduate H.S. and give them a safe place to live.   Upon graduation, we will find them a job, teach them how to manage their finances, and help facilitate safe apartment rentals as they ease into the work force.

While all of this was going on, we started to work on a plan to open a girls’ home.  We realized there was a bigger mission to help girls, and there was so much that needed to be done.  We had our target area set, a location, house mother, type of schooling identified, etc…. A home that would take girls in from the slums of Kolkata and offer them a chance to learn, to live and to grow.  We would guide them along the way and keep them involved in their communities.  Eventually we would have little leaders on our hands who would cause a ripple effect out of the cycle of poverty.  WHAT A PLAN!

However, word travels fast! 17 more girls eagerly came forward asking for a chance in life, just like the original 4!  Our four girl family quickly turned to 22!  One by one we took them in, evaluated them and put them on track.  They are in our Girl2B program in partnership with the Hope foundation.

5 girls are enrolled in university
1 girl is getting a beautician certificate
4 girls are attending grade school
7 girls are attending High School
There is 1 boy – a brother of one of the girls who needed our help
and of course the original 4.
These are our girl’s2B!  Thanks to our partner, the Hope Foundation and its belief in our mission, we were able to expand our family and provide all the services necessary to get our girls on the right track.

Who helps us in Kolkata?

Our consultant who acts as a guiding light.

The director of the Hope foundation projects who knows how much we care for the girls, and girls’ rights in general.  Who keeps us updated, and reminds us to “never give up on the girls”.

There are 2 social workers who are responsible for caring for the girls and all that they need emotionally and physically.  They put in tireless hours of coordination, comfort, and love.

The accountant who handles all of the finances.

AND US:  a husband and wife team who won’t stop until our mission is complete.

We didn’t have a plan, but our NON plan, became OUR plan overnight.

What have we learned in the last 6 months?  There seems to be a lack confidence you can’t seem to shake when you are born into poverty.  It is like you are born with a tattoo on your forehead that reads “I’m poor & I’m a girl”….. and this just leads to nothing good!

We anticipate more girls coming forward in the next 6 months.  We feel our empowerment program is so unique.  It’s an individualized holistic approach to girls’ empowerment and it will definitely pay off in a CHANGE!

In case you were wondering, it only costs $4 per day to help one girl in our program.

How many days can you help us support a girl?  Visit us at 

Please watch this video from the Nike foundation as a reminder when you say… But why girls?

Namaste & Thank You for helping us get started

5 thoughts on “and 4 became 22

  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Christine and Alphonso…..Life is what we do and make of it. You have brought meaning to life itself.You guys need a pat on the back. BRAVO…..God bless always and take this forward to all those who are still out there in need.


  2. Enhorabuena Christine and Alfonso. It’s fantastic! My new dream now is to be able to visit your new home. I wish you and all the girls ALL THE BEST. they will manage it because they are just marvellous. And you and your plan too.


  3. I can’t believe that we are finally doing this!!! Thankyou so much both of you…..we promise to never disappoint you…love you


  4. Your every post is so inspiring. I am really looking forward to putting my efforts in this project. I salute your good thoughts and hard work 🙂


  5. Christine, thanks for the update! These girls (and boy) are lucky to have two such dedicated people in their lives who believe in them. That is the first step…belief! Joan and I will continue to support you and Girl2b in any way we can!!!


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